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Fringe News - Next Festival Runs 16th till 23th of March 2008


Fabulous Diamonds
Billi Lime
Blind Billi Speed
Bad Luck Charms
Oooo Aaaa
Lucien Simon
Edward Gugliellmino
Beatrix Bae-Bouwman
The Black Swan
Boarding Party
Enola Fall
The Que
The French
The Numlocks
James Brooks
Ben Crombie
Adam Cousens
Short Soup
Special Students
Hammering the Cramps
Tim Logan
The Giant Day
Matt Niedra
Brand New 2nd Hand
Essence of the Cool
Joe Stirling
Toxic Lipstick

New News

The 2015 Hobart Fringe Festival has finished. Please write to ad (@) with feedback, comments, and suggestions for next year.


The Fringe Exhibition, Sea Change Kill Difference has finished. Thanks to artists that contributed.

The Hobart Fringe has been featured on The Program website.

Old News

Thanks to the buskers that came to North Hobart for Walk By Acts.
The Pole Dancing was a hit, at one stage I walked past and saw the general public giving it a go. It can't be that hard then...
Corner Swan and Elizabeth - STREET PUNK THEATRE
A&B - HOLLY AND JEREMY Guitar and Viola
Raincheck - BEN CROMBIE Guitar
Queen's Head - SARAH MUIR Pole Dancer
Subway PHILIP LOWE - clarinet
Pan e Cucina MELINDA GONZALEZ - balloon twirler
Jordys - TBC
Trout - MANGUS
Juiced Up - MOTH bouzouki
Reknown SONIA balloon twirler
Amulet - MARK DOWNIE guitar
Aroma - TRENT MCNAMARA banjo and guitar
Steve's Kebabs - CHRIS DOOLAN statue
Saigon Kitchen - TASMAN FLEMING banjo, ukelele, vaudeville

The event Free Film on the 20th of December was a big success. 150 people braved the cool evening to come and watch films collated by the Hobart Underground. A highlight was the showing of the underground hit, Final Feces. Seven Transistor impressed us with their eclectic mashup of pop, noise and electro. Thanks to Caleb Doherty for doing the vision and audio, Peter Greene for doing the lights, Andrew Harper for his slick MC work, Salamanca Arts Centre for the Courtyard, Wide Angle for the Projector and DVD player, and is theatre for the Screen.

Pointless splash page removed as everyone got sick of it after about a day. It stayed for a couple of weeks after the launch of the website. Now it is having a return as a link at the bottom of the news page. Support the fringe click on the spash link on other people's computers when then they go out to lunch.

Artists @ Fringe

Scot Cotterell
Tom S Egg
Mat Ward
Adam Fisher
Andrew Harper
Simon James
Sarah Jones
Leila Mihal
Francisca Moenne
Jane Menzies
David Norris
Caroline Shepherd
Carolyn Wigston
Pip Stafford
Dhanica Altoff
Julie Craig
Leila Mihail
Sean Fennessey
Meegan Pearce
Bianca Napthine
Andy Vagg
Claire Needham
Mayu Kawasaki
Maggie Mahoney
Casey Bond
Debby Taylor
Simon Gardam
Amy Imlach
Mishelle Brown
Scott Jones
Dhanica Altoff
Evie Witzerman
Sam McMillan
Amanda Smith


Angie White
Sonia Heap
Isla MacGregor
Shannon Milligan
Verity Brown
Naomi Rolins
John Tanton
Elissa Knezevic
Adrian Phillips

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